Friday, July 31

Aka mantle

The meaning is carpet or red robe is a Japanese urban legend about a ghost that haunts school and public toilets. . It will show up when you sit on the toilet and toilet paper. The spirit will ask "do you want a red or blue paper?"

Wednesday, July 29

Owari in the Seraph 2nd (season of October (autumn) of 2015)

The editorial department of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine announced on Thursday that a TV anime adaptation of novelist Takaya Kagami (The Legend of the Legendary HeroesA Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives), manga creator Daisuke Furuya, and manga artist Yamato Yamamoto's (Kure-naiSeraph of the End (Owari no Seraph) manga has been green-lit. The staff noted that the animation studio, the cast, and other details will be announced at a later time.


Hitobashira (人柱, pilar human). is a kind of human sacrifice formerly practised in ancient Japan, people believed that seal (bury) a human being under a building or close to her, would cause her to be more strong and stable and it wasn't destroyed by floods or enemy attacks ...

Monday, July 27

Fushimi Momoyama Castle.

Fushimi Momoyama Castle

The beautiful Momoyama Castle also known as "Fushimi Momoyama Castle", located in Kyoto. The current structure is a replica of the original built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (daimyo of the Sengoku period who unified the Japan) despite its military appearance, the structure was designed to serve as a retirement home of Hideyoshi.

Attack on Titan - shingeki no kyojin (live-action)

Attack on Titan - shingeki no kyojin (live-action)

"Manhole covers that feature works of art in Japan"

"Manhole covers that feature works of art in Japan"

Manhole covers in Japan are proof that art can be anywhere. An artistic representation of Japanese icons and images in one of the most unusual places.

Sunday, July 26

Three reported dead after small plane crashes into homes in Tokyo suburbs

A small aircraft crashed into homes in the western Tokyo suburb of Chofu on Sunday morning, leaving three people dead, the Metropolitan Police Department said.
Two men who were in the plane and a female resident in one of the houses died, it said.
Four other people received injuries due to the crash, the Tokyo Fire Department said.

One OK ROCK signs with Warner Bros. Records

In the eighth of July 2015 ONE OK ROCK, Taka released news on your official instagram, stating that the  group signed with the American label of Warner Brothers. Records and will release a Deluxe Edition of the album 35xxxv, in September 25.

Cow Head

Cow Head is a horror story that can make you scared. . It is a legend that is considered the scariest horror story ever written. This is so terrible that you would die of fear after hearing there.  According to legend, a short story called "Cow Head" was discovered in Japan in the 17 century. The origin of the story is a mystery.  Several written accounts of this period that relate to this story, but they only mention this name and describe with a legend too terrible to tell.  Rumors claim that upon hearing the tale, the people who listened were taken by a fear so strong that trembled violently by one day, until finally die of fright

Saturday, July 25

Lolita Style

Lolita is a style of alternative fashion in Japan, which began in the early 80, quite popular among teenagers and even adults. Influence of European Rococo fashion and Victorian-era of the 19th century. Inspired by the Japanese culture of ' kawaii ' (cute or adorable), involves everything that is sweet, feminine and sometimes even old-fashioned. The people wear costumes with lots of ruffles, lace and bows, girls wear shoes. The style can be divided into multiple genres.

Friday, July 24

Unreal Engine 4 releases video of Pokémon completely in 3D

Unreal Engine 4 releases video of Pokémon completely in 3D

We know that a lot of time at the Pokémon franchise fans expect a game series that can explore a world completely 3D and bring realistic graphics, the dream didn't come true as many wanted. Even with the arrival of the great titles for the 3DS-Pokémon and Pokémon X Y however, the video below should kill the curiosity of those who imagined what it would be like this game if it were done in a perfect 3D

The sea slug that makes photosynthesis

The sea slug that makes photosynthesis

The Costasiella kuroshimae and a small sea slug looks like a puppy out of pokémon. This bug can grow up to 5 mm long and is found in waters close to Japan. However, the most fascinating about these animals is that they can perform photosynthesis.

The Inunaki village-the real story

The Inunaki village-the real story

To start I'm going to show the place where the location of the lot where the Inunaki village
99% of what is published on the Inunaki village, are inventions. Pure urban legend,of which I highlight the following key points:

Tuesday, July 21


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